Ron Placone is Headlining The Highlands Comedy Show


Ron Placone is a Comedian, Speaker and Radio/Internet Personality. He is a Panelist/Writer/Producer for The Jimmy Dore Show. He can be heard on The Stephanie Miller Show Fridays at 7am PST/10am EST. He’s on the Young Turks Network where he is a regular on TYT Nation, and has been on SiriusXM, TMZ, FreeSpeechTV and more.

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David Venhuizen is a Los Angeles based comedian originally from South Dakota. He has performed on the LA Riot, Moontower, SF Sketchfest, Green Gravel, Crom, Orlando Indie, and Hell Yes comedy festivals. He also runs a stand-up show called Idiots at The Clubhouse in Los Feliz every Wednesday and performs in the sketch group The Fringe Riders with Dan Gill and Colin McCormick. He drives a truck and has recently been trying to get into jazz.