Why The Long Face Comedy Tour at the Highlands Comedy Show



Three comedians based out of Albuquerque New Mexico take to the road in search of laughs, good times and new fans! Four different styles of comedy from smart one-liners and hilarious bits from national touring headliner Matt Perterson!

Brave, personal and absurd storytelling from comedian and actor Matt Peterson! Gritty and edgy while humorlessly crossing culture lines, Keith Brekenridgesʼ Texan roots and New Mexican upbringing provide insightful and hilarious views into his life, and comedy!

The handsome British transplant Eddie Stephens will send you into funny fits with his view on raising kids, married life and beyond….way beyond. “Eddie is the most interesting thing to come out of the UK since mad cow disease!” – Eddie Stephens Don’t miss this tour, coming to a town near you!

You’ll also see Arielle Kaplan who made her way to Colorado a few years back from our Nations Capital. Let’s say she got out right before the chaos erupted.

As always your host Jon Wilkins plus delicious sushi and an amazing wait staff.